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Hi! My name is Savannah Stevens. I was born and raised in Lake Charles, graduated from St. Louis Catholic High School in 2012, and graduated from Louisiana State University in 2016 (Geaux Tigers!). I grew up in the Episcopal faith and was always very involved in and drawn to the church. While I am so grateful to my previous church for marvelously cultivating in me a solid faith and love for Jesus, I couldn’t shake the feeling that there had to be more. Not long after I moved home from LSU, I began attending daily morning mass at OLQH which eventually led to my attendance at a Truth Poured Out event in 2018. During this TPO, I not only discovered the truth (pun intended) about a lot of misconceptions I held about the Catholic Church, but I also felt a tug at my heart that this might be the “more” for which my soul had been searching. Through a series of events that can I can only describe as divine intervention, I eventually enrolled in RCIA classes, discovered the joy of Marian Consecration, and was confirmed in the Catholic Church this past Easter! (2019) Through this awesome community of Fully Alive, I have found so many amazing friends who inspire me daily to grow in my Catholic faith and in my journey to heaven. I am ecstatic to serve on the Leadership Team and can’t wait to share my love and enthusiasm for Lake Charles and especially our Fully Alive community!




My name is Stephen Carrier. I am a process engineer at CITGO in Lake Charles and I am in my upper 20s. I graduated from McNeese in Chemical Engineering in May 2017. I grew up attending Immaculate Conception in Sulphur. I was confirmed in 2011. When I got to McNeese I got caught up in the college culture for a few years. Thankfully, through God’s grace, I discovered the Newman Club my junior year. I started to make friends at the Newman Center and I became involved in the organization. In the fall of 2015, I made my Awakening Retreat. This retreat really opened my eyes to the faith and over that fall and spring semester God was calling me into a deeper relationship with Him. Graduating from McNeese was not easy for me because Newman was my home, and I loved being a part of that community. At that time there was no other young adult community in Lake Charles. When Fr. Trey explained to me his plan with Fully Alive I was ecstatic. My faith and my community are so important to me because in it I find my identity and my lover, Jesus Christ. I am excited to serve on the Leadership Team for Fully Alive. I cannot wait to help organize events to give back to the Lake Charles community that has given us so much.




My name is Brandon Broussard and I am honored to be a part of the amazing community of
Fully Alive. I am a Lake Charles native raised in the Catholic faith. I attended McNeese State
University where I graduated in Exercise Science. I am currently pursuing my Doctorate in
Physical Therapy from Marshall University. Like many other examples in my life, my time in
physical therapy school was a great blessing but it also came with many burdens. It was the
Catholic Church that remained a constant refuge for me during times of stress and anxiety.
Although I was 16 hours away from friends and family, I felt at home in the Catholic Church
where I continued to seek Christ and His will for my life. Shortly after moving back to Lake
Charles, I attended a Fully Alive event and once again found a sense of purpose and belonging. I
am humbled to join the leadership team and will do my best to continue the momentum our
wonderful community has created!




Hey, Hey, Heyyy! ;) 

My name is Hannah Longino. I was born and raised Catholic in a small ole town in Louisiana, called Oakdale. I graduated from Oakdale High School in 2014. From there, I decided that McNeese State University was going to be the perfect place for me...and it was! I was actively involved in the Newman Center, which most definitely helped my faith grow and mature. Built long lasting, authentic friendships there, as well. Grand time! During my college years, I was also the youth director from my hometown parish (Sacred Heart) for over 2 years, while also living in Lake Charles and attending college. was crazy at times going back and forth haha...but I love the youth! Graduated from McNeese with my Bachelors degree in Elementary Education in 2018. After graduation, I knew that God was calling me to stay in LC and fulfill my mission here. So, I let go of youth ministry in Oakdale. Now, I am a currently a 2nd grade teacher at Gillis Elementary. I love my kids!!! Lastly, I’m SO thrilled to serve on the LT! It’s been calling my name for quite some time, so it was time to tell the Lord, “Yes!” I’m open and willing, and you should be, too! What a great way to become FULLY ALIVE in your faith and be a part of a wonderful community that is eager to support you in your walk with Christ. 



My name is Helen Grimes. I am a physical therapist in the Lake Area specializing in pelvic rehabilitation. I was born and raised in Sulphur. After graduating from Sulphur High in 2005, I attended Northwestern State University where I earned my Bachelors of Science in 2009. I then attended Arkansas State University earning my Doctorate in Physical Therapy in 2012. I was raised in the Catholic faith and attended Our Lady of Prompt Succor in Sulphur until leaving for college. After working in Dallas, TX for 3 years, I returned to the Lake Area in 2015. After returning home, I rediscovered my love and passion for the Catholic faith. While pursuing a deeper understanding and connection with the Catholic faith, I discovered the FullyAlive community. I am honored to serve on the Fully Alive leadership team and I am excited to give back to a community that has blessed me in so many ways!




Hi! My name is Jessen Mayo. I was born and raised in Lake Charles, Louisiana and have lived here aside from my four years spent at Nicholls State University studying Dietetics (Go Colonels!). I'm currently studying for my Masters of Arts in Teaching at McNeese State University (Go Pokes!) and teaching Biology and Chemistry at St. Louis Catholic High School. I've been Catholic for 4 and a half years and it is the best thing that's happened in my life. After searching for the truth for a while, I came fully into the Church in college. I am honored to serve the mission of FULLY ALIVE! in our Diocese, and I think it's so important! I miss the community of college often and I know I can't be holy alone, so I'm grateful to the Lord for supplying for our needs.




After relocating to Houston from New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina, my parents enrolled me in a Catholic school which eventually resulted in my half-hearted Consecration to the Blessed Virgin Mary according to the formula of St. Louis de Montfort during my junior year in high school.  Less than a year following my Consecration, and on the heels of eighteen years of subscribing to religious indifferentism and moral relativism, I attended a silent retreat that sparked a major conversion and resulted in my developing a great devotion to the Most Holy Rosary as well as daily assistance at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.  After graduating from high school, I moved to Lake Charles to study accounting at McNeese State University in 2012. It was there that I met my wife and many other close friends who have all been instrumental in ensuring that I persevere in my adherence to the Holy Catholic Faith. In 2016, after completing my bachelor's degree, I enrolled in a one year Master of Accountancy program at the University of South Carolina in Columbia, SC; I completed the program in May 2017 and took a job in Lake Charles working for the Stream Companies.  In December 2017, I married Maria-Josee Mendez and began with her our vocation of Holy Matrimony; in June 2019 we welcomed our first child, Joseph. 

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Hey, yall! I'm Father Trey Ange, a native of Lake Charles where I attended St. Louis Catholic High School and McNeese State University.  In my young adulthood, I spent 5 years working in Austin, TX where I met a young adult community and fell deeper in love with my Catholic faith.  During that time, I was called to return home to Louisiana and enter the seminary.  I was ordained a priest for the Diocese of Lake Charles in 2017 and assigned as Parochial Vicar for Our Lady Queen of Heaven Catholic Church, where the Fully Alive young adult community began.  I am very happy to serve you and the young adults of Fully Alive!  We'll see yall!


  • Emily Marcantel Vincent: Founding Coordinator

  • Doc Hardey: Coordinator, Communications Chair, Truth Poured Out

  • Megan LeBouef: Communications Chair

  • Krista Steinbeiser: Founding Social Chair

  • Macey Cangelose: Social Chair, Communications Chair

  • Hannah Smith: Social Chair

  • Marina Grove-Darbonne: Communications Chair

  • Hannah Leonards: Founding Director


Thank you for all of your prayerful work to improve our community of FULLY ALIVE!!!